immerse yourself in my tiny worlds

i've been making creatures for almost two decades. it started as a hobby and now it's the most fulfilling job in the world!
over the years my projects have become more challenging and time-consuming - but that's ok - i get to spend more time with the creatures i create worlds for.

each MISZEK is sculpted in wool, which I choose on the basis of the nature of fibers, its color and quality. i usually work with merino wool, which is delicate and pleasant to the touch, however sometimes I use other animal or vegetable fibers. i always check that the wools i use have certificates guaranteeing that they have been obtained in a way that does not harm any creature. if there are any leather components, they are always made from recycled leather.
i enjoy building things from scraps, unused or broken objects and i try to re-use as much as possible. nevertheless wool still remains my favourite and magical material!

have fun and get to know some of the tiny monsters i created:
insta / fb / ytb: miszek.polska

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